We offer a wide range of Intellectual Property services across the globe, through our experts and global network.

A patent is a legally enforceable right for a device, substance, method or process. For your application to be successful, your invention must be new, useful and inventive or innovative. When granted, a patent will give exclusive commercial rights to your invention.

Patents prevent others from using your invention. We know that your patents are an important part of your success in the market and they need to be best protected. We are knowledgeable in patent drafting, prosecution and enforcement issues to enable you to take advantage of your patents before your competitors.

We provide end-to-end patent services that include but not limited to

  • patent search services before filing to evaluate patentability of your invention,
  • drafting and filing patent applications (including filing patent application in otherncountries or regions, specifically PCT applications, European patent applications and Eurasian patent applications, and conventional patent applications in the counties of interest),
  • active prosecution and close monitoring of pending patent applications that includes reporting and preparing responses to official action,
  • handling of pre-grant and post-grant opposition,
  • appeals and strategizing amendment of claims for maximizing impact,
  • tracking the application from filing to grant.

You can rely on us in handling all your patent issues in most comprehensive way. We have also trusted network of foreign associates to ensure patent applications around the world cost-effectively and reliably.


A trademark is a way of identifying a unique product or service. It’s a form of brand protection which distinguishes between your products or services and those belonging to your competitors. A trade mark is not just ‘a logo’. It can be a letter, number, word, phrase, sound, smell, shape, logo,
picture, movement, aspect of packaging, or a combination of these.

We provide a wide range of trademark filing, prosecution and litigation services to our domestic and international clients. Our preparation and prosecution services include but are not limited to

  • performing trademark availability searches and opinion on the registration of the same;
  • preparing and prosecuting domestic and foreign trademark applications;
  • reporting and responding to official actions from the respective intellectual property offices;
  • conducting opposition proceedings to defend or oppose the grant of trademarks registrations;
  • initiating and defending infringement and passing off actions;
  • drafting of license, assignment agreements;
  • prosecuting appeals and rectification/cancellation actions before the offices.

You can rely on us in handling all your trademark issues in most comprehensive way. We have also trusted network of foreign associates to ensure trademark applications around the world cost-effectively and reliably.

A design refers to the features of shape, configuration, pattern or ornamentation which give a product a unique appearance, and must be new and distinctive. Securing exclusive intellectual property rights for such designs can be part of an effective marketing strategy as it will have a direct influence on market share.

We provide a full range of industrial design services from searches to licensing through prosecution and enforcement to help our clients manage and protect their valuable design portfolio throughout the design life cycle, both domestically and internationally. Design services include drafting and filing of design application prosecuting design applications, foreign national and regional filings for protection of design rights throughout the world (where required in close co-operation with our qualified foreign associates).

We understand clients’ needs and expectations regarding expert counseling, fast response, clear communication and cost-effective quality trademark services. Should you require our professional design services, please just contact us

Every successful European patent application enters the Validation phase. EP Validation is the process of converting a single granted European Patent Application into a national patent in one or more of the 44 European Patent Organisation member, extension and validation states.

The validation process typically involves high quality, technically-qualified translation of all or part of the patent, the payment of fees and the filing of documents within a certain timeframe – usually three months from the European Grant Date. The European Patent Convention means that the national patents cannot be rejected and will be considered to have been in force from the European Grant Date, so long as all requirements and deadlines are met, and any annuity (renewal) requirements have been satisfied.

Already being one of the most expensive phases in the lifetime of a patent, it is often made more costly and complicated without need. We can make it simple for you. We offer you a clear, cost-effective and personal service that works seamlessly.


As patents, trademarks and designs are filed and mature during their IPR lifecycle their maintenance or renewals must be paid into country or regional Patent & Trademark Offices (PTOs) depending on the country rule and global coverage that a client selects. IPR renewal payments are required in some countries when they are at application stage (e.g. European EP applications), whilst other IPR only requires renewal payments after grant (e.g. issued US patents) and the fees are sometimes based on the number of granted claims (e.g. Japanese granted patents). The way these IPR renewal fees change over time due to factors that include official fees, foreign exchange fluctuations, claims granted and the maturity of these IPRs. BETA IP’s expert service team keeps completely up-to-date on all of these factors, country formalities and changes to reflect live prices in our renewals solutions and are available to answer any renewals questions at any time.

 We provide other services about IP that include but not limited to the list below:

    •  IP Search and Clearance: Whether it be investigations into validity searches, freedom to operate
      searches, patentability searches (eg, novelty searches), due diligence searches, landscaping searches, trade mark searches (including EU wide
      trade mark search strategy packages), design searches or competitor monitoring, being a full service intellectual property law firm means that from the moment the scope of the search is defined with you our experts are engaged and guiding the process. 
    • IP Recordals:  It is very important to keep IP registries up-to-date, otherwise, there arise some unexpected conflicting and delaying issues in using or enforcing your IP rights. Documentation and formalities for recording any changes differ from country to country and require special attention to details.
    • Domain Names: Domain names have become an integral part of IP rights and they should not be disregarded when developing branding strategy. Therefore, in addition to registering your brands as trademark and designs, you should also consider securing a domain name for your brand to prevent possible infringements, cyber-squatting and counterfeits.
    • Training Courses: Companies and in-house personnel targeting to increase their IP awareness and expertise effectively to take part in the global IP competition.